We are a group of Homepreneurs from all walks of life running our online business with a turn key platform.

Our vision is to help women start their online business successfully.

As there is a lot of work on our part in setting someone up for an online business successfully, we are looking for women who are serious about building an online business and generate income.



Tan Buoy Sian
Ex-Banker turned Online Womanpreneur

I was in the banking industry for 23 years. Left the corporate life, to spend more time with my family. I was introduced to Women's Clique community, an online Women in business. Met many successful mummies working on this platform, sharing the same dreams of financial independence working from home. I enjoy the flexibility of time arrangement while increasing my earning potential.

Diane Ng
International Hotel Designer & Social Media Influencer

I used to be working overseas for a good part of my life as a hotel designer. I settled back in Singapore and I wanted to have a flexible income that allows me time to work on my other interest. I had always embraced the concept of ecommerce, and I am glad that my journey with Women’s Clique had opened up this possibility for me to become an E-commerce Pro. My ecommerce business is now in more than 10 countries!

Cindy Loh
Marcom Professional & Entrepreneur

Though a MarCom professional of over 25 years, I’ve always been an opportunist and entrepreneur at heart.

I’m thankful that I took the leap of faith about a year ago to join a group of women homepreneurs and learn how to leverage on a new digital age turnkey online platform to earn passive income for myself and my family. Business aside, it’s an awesome supportive and loving community that I’ve found new friendships!!

Lisa Lai
Work from Home Entrepreneur

After more than 10 years in administration field, I was bored and unmotivated in my daily tasks so I quit without any backup plans or financial support. I was keen to start an online business but kept failing due to lack of experience in e-commerce or proper guidance. In the end, I did not manage to properly kick start anything. It changed when I discovered Women Clique’s event and I was inspired by the community of women who were also like me! One great thing here is the support system and finally I'm proud to be earning income working from home.

Sarah Yap
Homemaker turned E-Commerce Business Owner

A homemaker for the past 19 years with 3 grown up kids now. My biggest down came when my husband’s job was taken away. After devoting time to my family, it’s time that I do something for myself. I’m glad to have found Women’s Clique, and through this platform, not only did I enrich and self developed myself, but am also earning from my ecommerce business and building an extra income nest for my family!

Mona Tan
Former MOE Teacher,
Freelance Educator

After retiring from my career, I was on the look out for something to enrich my life. When I came across Women’s Clique, I was quite unsure if starting an online business was what I was looking for. Nevertheless, I just joined with an open mind and what I am loving right now is having a whole new spectrum of women friends from all walks of life, participating in the many fun and enriching activities they organize, plus now, I have an audience to share my culinary passion. There is something for everyone here, not necessarily for an income!

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